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Honest Adventure Vehicles

Honest Adventure Vehicles bridges people and nature through the creation of custom adventure vehicles. They value simplicity, trust, community, and quality with the goal of building intuitive vehicles that people can use to get out and do what they love. Honest is managed by a van-dweller himself, Lucas Hanson. They aren't strangers, in fact, they embrace the lifestyle of complete freedom just as the client does. In a way, they feel like your family.


Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Website

The Trend Shop

The Trend Shop is the hub for all the latest trends. Their goal is to create a space that accepts everyone no matter the gender, race, or ethnicity. With that in mind, I crafted the brand to embody those values.


Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Marketing

Meurice NYC

Meurice is a luxury cleaning business based in New York City. My task was to rebrand the previous Meurice into something that values luxury, simplicity, and their history. I brought back the "Meurice Purple" and the hertiage of the brand.


Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Marketing, Website, Manufacturing

By Kelsey Archila

Kelsey Archila is a custom shoe designer with a passion for empowering women to be their unique selves. With that in mind we crafted a brand that encompasses kelsey's unique design style and her ambition for a bold and eye-catching brand. Her goal is to empower women to stop the fit-the-mold mentality and express themselves.

Logo Redesign

Range Collective

Range Collective is a social media company that specializes in content creation, social strategy/retainer, and influencer campaigns. We are working to redesign the logo for their social media page, Range Collective.

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