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When Every Millisecond Counts and Failure Is Not an Option

Reach the next level of speed, security and reliability by uncoupling your WordPress-powered website from server-side processing and serving it as a static site. With Elementor Static Hosting, your site can be edited using Elementor and converted to a static architecture in just a few clicks.

Faster Website Loading
Higher Conversion Rates

It’s Advanced Tech,
Not Magic

Experience the lightning-fast performance of static sites coupled with Elementor’s customizability and ease of use.

Edit with Elementor

Use Elementor’s industry-leading builder and the WordPress ecosystem for site design and content updates.

Launch as a Static Site

Convert your site to static in a few clicks and launch into an optimized environment, including a CDN with 300+ locations.

Reap the Benefits

From 50x faster loading to stronger security and higher reliability, your website will now perform better at any scale.

Platform Overview


Static websites are more secure because their frontend and backend are not connected, isolating your CMS and vastly reducing the attack surface. On top of this, Elementor adds numerous security features to give you the peace-of-mind you need for mission-critical websites.


Elementor Static Hosting goes above and beyond to maintain your website availability during traffic surges and maintenance.


Over 16 million websites are powered by Elementor Website Builder. Elementor Static Hosting extends its customizability to static sites.

Integrate Your Favorite Tools

Use the top plugins to add dynamic features such as forms, search, and more.

Award Winning Support

Our dedicated team provides end-to-end assistance for both Static Hosting and the Elementor Pro Website builder, ensuring all your queries are addressed promptly and your web needs are met.

Static Hosting Plans

Save up to 37% with annually

Migrate your high-traffic website for speed, resilience, and security

The above prices do not include applicable taxes based on your billing address.
The final price will be displayed on the checkout page. All annual plans renew at list price.

The price above includes Israeli VAT based on your billing address.
All annual plans renew at list price.

Features ListBasic hosting planStatic PrimeStatic Elite

your subscription

Features List Basic hosting plan Static Prime Static Elite
Number of WebsitesThe number of unique WordPress websites you can build and host in the same subscription.111
Monthly Visits (K)The estimated monthly visitor traffic your website can easily handle.25501,000
Monthly Bandwidth (GB/Mo)The approximate amount of data you can transfer per month with this plan. Bandwidth usage is the total amount of data downloaded by all users visiting the website during the month.30501,000
Storage (GB)The amount of storage allocated to handle your needs for storing images, files, databases and other website assets. We use the latest solid-state (SSD) technology to give you the best storage and transfer performance available.1020100
Automatic Daily Backup (Days)Automated daily website backups ensure that your website will be backed up consistently and allow you to restore in case of need. Days of backups stored vary from one plan to another.143030
Staging/Publish EnvironmentA place to safely test new features and make changes without disrupting the live version of your website. Each website gets its own staging environment.NoYesYes
24/7 SupportPremiumPriorityPriority
Manual Backups (Per Site)Manually back up your website, as often as you want, and easily restore in time of need.133
Connect Domain (Per Site)122
Number of Posts/PagesThe number of pages or posts you may publish. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know if you start to approach the limits.NoUp to 100Up to 500
Full Site Publishes (Per Month)The number of full site publishes per month you may perform. Our preview environment has no publishing limitation.No1020
Selective/Quick Publish (Per Month)The number of quick publishes per month you may perform. Our preview environment has no publishing limitation.No50Unlimited
Static-ready Website SearchNoYesYes
Features List Basic hosting plan Static Prime Static Elite
Fast, Highly Secure CDN 300+ Edge LocationsYesYesYes
Intelligent CachingYesYesYes
Assets MinificationYesYesYes
HTTP/3 SupportYesYesYes
HTTP/2 & Brotli CompliantYesYesYes
DB AccessYesYesYes
Image compressionNoYesYes
Optimized 3rd party fonts loadingNoYesYes
Isolated Runtime EnvironmentNoYesYes
Spin down container when not in use to protectNoYesYes
WPML and Polylang supportNoYesYes
301 redirection supportNoYesYes


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