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Short-Term Product Roadmap

Search Widget

Suggest relevant results based on your website’s content as the visitor types into the search input.

Motion Effects and Animation Updates

Elevate your designs to create more engaging sites.

Enhanced WooCommerce Builder

Advanced features that convert visitors into customers.

Advanced Form Builder Features

New and improved capabilities to help you generate more leads.

CSS Selectors

Group advanced settings in a class, manage them and apply them to any element across your website.

Team Collaboration

Provide teammates with access to build the website with you.

Font Awesome 6

Update icon library to enjoy a larger variety of icons and more accurate search results.

Element Caching

Significantly improve visitor loading time by automatically caching widget output on servers.

Off Canvas Widget

Place a Container anywhere on your page and connect it to a link that triggers its opening to display content to visitors.

Element Manager

Create a simplified widget panel and enhance editor performance by disabling widgets. Set role permissions to personalize the Widget Panel for team members.

Display Conditions – Dynamic Tags

Display Elements according to the content of Dynamic Tags and native WordPress Custom Fields.

Display Conditions – OR Connector

Set multiple condition groups for the same element and connect them with OR logic.

Akismet Spam Filter Integration

Protect your forms from spam submissions by seamlessly integrating Akismet with the form builder.

Loop Taxonomy Query

Create Loop Grids that display your taxonomies in loop templates.

Migration Tool

Easily migrate your existing website to Elementor Hosting.

Element Manager

Create a simplified widget panel and enhance Editor performance by disabling widgets.

Display Conditions

Dynamically showcase content according to a predefined set of rules, including parameters like date and time.

AI History

Access, display, and edit prompts and content generated with Elementor AI up to 90 days ago.

Taxonomy Filter

Allow site visitors filter listings based on various taxonomies.

DB Access (phpMyAdmin)

Access your databases and content using phpMyAdmin.

SFTP Access

Easily upload, download, and manage files of a hosted website.

Site Cloning

Replicate an entire site with its design and functionality.

Mega Menu

Build your own Mega menu, add sub categories, add effects and more.

Loop Builder – Alternate Template

Insert a different template between your loop content items to spotlight the content you want.

Nested Carousel

Create fully customized Carousel and drag any widget you want.

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