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The Editor

Drag & Drop Editor

Build every part of your website visually. Simply drag, drop and customize without writing a single line of code.

100+ Widgets

Choose from dozens of widgets to help you build every part of your page, from complex designs to ecommerce capabilities.

Live Editing

View your website as you build it and see your designs come to life in real-time.

300+ Designer Made

Choose a beautifully crafted template designed to fit every industry and need. Always responsive and fully customizable.
30+ Container Kits, and 100+ Section-based Kits available in the Editor.

Responsive Editing

Adjust your website to make it look perfect on every screen and design for up to 7 devices.

Elementor & WordPress

Cover all your bases with a widget for every need and endless customization options.

Workflow Optimization


Site Settings

Control all global elements of your website from one convenient place - including site identity, lightbox settings, layout, and theme styles.

Global Editing

Design your entire website from one place, including the header, footer, and content. Set global fonts, colors, and widgets to reuse them anywhere on your website.

Save as Default

Customize all the default settings of any element and adjust it to your liking. Including style, settings, placeholder text, image, and more.

Element Manager

Customize your workspace and Improve Editor loading performance by disabling widgets you don’t need. You can also assign role permission for widgets.

User Preferences

Use Elementor’s Global Settings to control your website’s Name, Description, Logo, and Favicon. Additionally, set the website's background and mobile background as well.

Mark Widgets as Favorites

Personalize the Editor's Panel to streamline your workflow by pinning your most used widgets to the 'Favorites' section.

Dark Mode

Design in darker environments and save power by designing with Elementor’s Dark Mode feature, Plus, it’s great for the environment.


Navigate between all page elements or layers, quickly visualize custom changes, and access them easily via indicators


Easily navigate between different pages and dashboard settings with the search bar finder, saving you time and effort.


Work collaboratively with your team or clients by leaving them contextual Notes within the Editor.

Web Creation

Contextual Editing

Quickly copy any element, styling, widget, column, or section and paste it anywhere on your website.


Use Hotkeys keyboard shortcuts to save you time. This Cheatsheet window will pop up and show you the full list.

Drag & Drop from Desktop

Reduce redundant tasks by dragging media and template files directly onto the editor.

Copy & Paste Between Sites

Streamline your workflow by copying and pasting elements from one Elementor website to another

Right Click Menu

Find options such as copy, past, delete, duplicate, and more for any element on your website with a right-click.

Multi Select

Impact multiple page elements at once. Copy, delete, duplicate, paste, or reset style simultaneously.

In-line Editing

Type directly on-screen, and transform blog and content writing into an easy and intuitive process.

Save & Backup

Auto Save

Eliminate the need to click and save. With Elementor, your work is automatically saved and backed up.

Draft Mode

Save a page as a draft to continue working on it even after it’s published.

Revision History

Quickly redo or undo any mistakes with a simple CTRL / CMD Z and easily save or retrace anything you create.

Kits Library

Full Website Kits

Full Website Kits

Jumpstart your creation process with kits. Import a fully designed website, wireframe, or choose specific elements to add to your new website.
Page Templates

Page Templates

Choose from a variety of pre-designed page templates and quickly build a Home Page, About Page, and more.
Pop-up Templates

Pop-up Templates

Create professional popups using an ever-growing selection of designer-made popup templates.
Import / Export

Import / Export

Export your template and import all of its parts, including images, to any other website.
Landing Page Templates

Landing Page Templates

Create high-converting landing pages using beautiful, pre-designed responsive templates.
Blocks Templates

Blocks Templates

Build your page piece by piece with Blocks. Use pre-designed, simple section templates such as 404, Testimonials, and more.

Compatibility with Envato kits

Access 1000+ Elementor-ready, fully designed website kits on Themeforest and have a new website in a click.

Save & Reuse

Save a page to the library after you’ve created it and reuse in one click.

Search & Filter

Search or filter the templates to easily find the one that best fits your needs.

Template Shortcode

Get the shortcode for any template and embed it anywhere you like.

Design Capabilities

Global Fonts

Global Fonts

Choose the fonts for your website and apply them wherever you need, from titles to buttons, in one click.
Global Custom CSS

Global Custom CSS

Add custom CSS globally and apply them throughout your entire website.
Global Colors

Global Colors

Define your website’s design system with global colors. Save them once and apply them to any element on your website.
Theme Style

Theme Style

Set default styling options for various elements including headings, buttons, form fields, background, and image styles.

Assets & Media

Icon Library

Choose from 1500+ icons and apply them across your website design, or upload your own.

SVG Icons

Create smart, flexible, light, and completely customizable icons in any size.

Background Videos

Bring your background to life by adding interesting videos to your sections.

Background Slideshow

Create a slideshow and use it as the background for any section or column on your website.

Shape Divider

Separate the sections of your page using shapes, and make them pop by adding SVG, Icons, or texts inside.

Mask Shapes

Turning any element, like an image or video, into whatever shape you desire to create standout designs.

Color & Effects


Use gradient colors across your website, from pages to buttons, and create design consistency.

Background Overlay

Add another layer of color, gradient, or image above your background.

Blend Modes

Mix up your background and background overlays to create spectacular blend mode effects.

CSS Filters

Use CSS filters to adjust image settings and create amazing effects.

Color Sampler

Sample a specific color from your widgets or fetch the primary colors from any image on your page.

Box Shadow

Set custom-made box shadows visually without involving CSS.


Typography Control

Play with the font family, size, weight, transform, style, decoration, line-height, letter spacing and word spacing.

Font Preview

See a preview of fonts in the panel, making it is easier to choose the right one.

Custom Fonts

Add your custom and Typekit fonts and use them throughout your projects.

Google Fonts

Choose from hundreds of Google fonts available for every widget with text.

Font size: PX, EM, REM

Set your typography to be scaled using PX, EM or REM, for better responsive design.

Text stroke

Add an outline to any heading you wish by using Text Stroke.

Adobe Fonts integration

Upload your own custom and Adobe fonts and use them throughout your projects.

Drop Cap

Make the first letter of your blog post larger to create a stylish and distinguished look.

Text Shadow

Emphasize your content by adding a text shadow effect to any widget with text.

Text Editor Columns

Divide your Text Editor widget into responsive columns, and set the gap between the columns for a better layout.


Layout Customization

Control section Width and Height, easily creating full-width pages. Customize column width as well as the gaps between columns.

Absolute Positioning

Drag a widget to any location on the page, regardless of the grid. Set your widget to have a fixed position, place it wherever you like, and have it scroll alongside your user.

Margins & Padding

Set the padding & margin for sections, columns and widgets. Define the space between elements, and direct users’ focus to specific areas on the page.


Put any section, column, or widget in the front or back. Set the order that elements are displayed using the Z-index feature.

Flexbox Alignment

Align and distribute widgets across each column, either vertically or horizontally, and acieve a “stretch-to-fill” layout using the power of flexbox.

Inline Elements

Place two widgets side-by-side within the same column using inline or custom width. Choose between Start, Center, Space Evenly, and more.

Nested Columns

Create advanced layouts by nesting columns inside a section. Build complex designs such as an inner section between columns.

Canvas Templates

Design your entire landing page without involving the header or footer by using the Elementor Canvas template.

Responsive Design

Custom Breakpoints

Design for up to seven devices with full customization freedom to fit any screen.

Reverse Columns

Reverse the order of columns so that the last column appears at the top on mobile.

Hide and Show Elements

Select which sections and widgets you want to show on any device.

Visible Responsive Values

View the starting values for each screen and change breakpoints accordingly to keep your designs consistent.

Mobile Browser Background

Choose the image or color of your website’s background on mobile, and adjust the display options for full control.

Motion & Interactions

Motion Effects

Add interactions and animations to your website using Scrolling and Mouse Effects.

Scrolling Effects

Set a sticky header, footer or other section, and make sure your message follows your users as they scroll.

Hover Animations

Create magnificent hover animations that add another layer of interaction to your website.

Entrance Animations

Include hover and entrance animations and make your widgets appear interactively.

CSS Transform

Rotate, scale, skew, offset and flip any element on your page without writing a single line of code.


Create amazing animations and interactions when the user scrolls through the page.

Mouse Effects

Add depth to your website by making elements shift in relation to the mouse movement.

3D Tilt Effect

Cause elements to float and glide slightly as the user moves their cursor over each item.

Exit Animation

Choose the popup’s exit animation, such as fade and zoom, from the dropdown selections.

Page Transitions

Upon page transitions, change the color of the Canvas, add an icon, logo or animation from the Elementor library

Scroll Snap

Control the customer’s experience as they scroll through your website by snapping to any section on the page

Ecommerce Features



Build every part of your ecommerce website, and connect with customers using popups, landing pages, and more.
WooCommerce Builder

WooCommerce Builder

Design your WooCommerce website, customize everything, and create the ultimate shopping experience.

Cart Customization

Customize your cart layout and style including the section titles, labels, and placeholders of the form fields, and add a branded custom template for the Empty Cart state.

Checkout Customization

Edit the section titles, labels, and placeholders of the form fields. Style everything as a whole or by section.

WooCommerce Site Settings

Configure the required WooCommerce transactional pages directly within Elementor.

Dynamic WooCommerce Tags

Change product features once and have them applied everywhere the tags appear across your website.

My Account Customization

Design WooCommerce’s My Account page, changing the layout, style, tab names & alignment, and add a custom template for the Dashboard tab, and more.

Product Page Customization

Control the design and layout of your single product template with full customization options.

Product Archives Customization

Design your WooCommerce product archives template for full control over your display conditions.

Payment Processing Integration

Sell few items online and Integrate with PayPal/Stripe to process the transactions without setting up an entire store.

Marketing Features

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Build high-converting landing pages from within your current WordPress website and turn viewers into engaged users.
Popup Builder

Popup Builder

Create pixel-perfect, high-converting popups with advanced targeting options.
Form Builder

Form Builder

Create eye-catching forms that grab visitors’ attention. Collect, store and manage your data all within Elementor.
Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Design multiple pages from one layout, apply them across your website or show personalized content to different users.

Action Links

Easily connect with your audience via WhatsApp, Waze, Google Calendar & more apps.

Social Proof

Add icon links to all your social media profiles and completely control the appearance of the social icons.

Highlight Reviews

Display social proof using a sliding carousel of user reviews.


Display author-assigned star ratings within your content and customize the size, color, and typography.

Customizable HTML tags

Set the correct HTML tag for the title for better search engine optimization.


Contact Forms

Contact Forms

Connect with users through contact forms, and customize the fields to collect all the information you need.
Login Forms

Login Forms

Create exciting login forms and make it easy for users to log into your website.
Subscription Forms

Subscription Forms

Add an inline subscription form that your visitor can use to subscribe to your newsletter or service.
Multi-Step Forms

Multi-Step Forms

Split your form into steps for a better user experience and greater conversion rates.

Action After Submit

Decide what happens after your visitor submits a form, including the triggered integrations.

Confirmation Email

Send an HTML or plain text confirmation email to your visitors after they submit a form.

Custom Validation Messages

Create a custom message that is displayed in the form when the user interacts with it.

Advanced Form Fields

Upload files, add a date picker, or use Elementor's other advanced form fields.

Hidden Fields

Incorporate hidden fields in your forms and add tracking to form submissions.

Acceptance Field

Include an acceptance field to your forms, ensuring visitors accept your terms.


Use this simple yet effective security measure to prevent your forms from being spammed by spambots.

Form Submissions

View, manage, and edit your Form Submissions in Elementor.

WebHook Capabilities

Implement a webhook to automate the form submissions that are added to your email marketing app.

Theme Builder

Theme Builder

Theme Builder

Build high-converting landing pages from within your current WordPress website and turn viewers into engaged users.

Loop Builder

Create your own main item template and use it to display your posts, listings, or product archives.
Visual Guide

Visual Guide

Review and edit each component of your website individually, from Headers & Footers to Post, product pages, and more.
Display Conditions

Display Conditions

Determine exactly where your global templates appear across your website.

Header and Footer

Customize the header and footer areas of your website visually, without any code.

Sticky Header

Add a sticky header to any page, or across your website, with a click of a button. No additional plugins needed.

404 Page

Direct your visitors to custom 404 pages that can be built entirely inside Elementor.

Archive Page

Design your entire blog in Elementor, or designate different templates to separate areas of your blog.

Single Post

Create your blog post template and apply it across your website or to a specific category, page, or taxonomy.

Single Page

Control the layout and design of your website’s static pages using Single Page Templates.

Search Results Page

Customize your search results page and improve the user experience while searching your website.

Custom Fields Integration​

Build the content fields in ACF, Toolset & Pods, and visually incorporate them into any page.




Add visitors to your mailing lists using the seamless MailChimp integration.


Integrate ActiveCampaign and add your website’s visitors to your lists.


Grow your audience by adding visitors to your lists with the ConvertKit integration.


Connect your website with HubSpot for a powerful CRM expereince.


Attach your Elementor forms to Zapier for simple automation. Only available through WebHook


Send messages to your Discord server as soon as you receive new form submissions.


Integrate GetResponse to add your website’s visitors to your lists.


Elevate your marketing campaigns with the Drip integration and add your visitors to your lists.
ReCaptcha + ReCaptcha V3

ReCaptcha + ReCaptcha V3

Add a security verification field in your forms to detect fraud while maintaining a frictionless user experience.
Facebook SDK

Facebook SDK

Manage the Facebook comments that you receive as an admin using the Facebook SDK integration.


Collect group recipients for your email marketing campaign via Elementor forms.


Receive notifications about forms that are being sent through your Slack channel.
Custom Icon Libraries

Custom Icon Libraries

Incorporate your favorite icon libraries such as Fontello, IcoMoon & Fontastic
Font Awesome Pro

Font Awesome Pro

Access over 1,500 free Font Awesome icons using an interface that makes it easy to manage all of them.
Google maps API

Google maps API

Embed your Google Maps API key directly into your website from Elementor’s Google Maps widget.
Embed Video Options

Embed Video Options

Include self-hosted, external video, YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion videos on your pages.
External Image URL

External Image URL

Optimize your loading time and gain full control over your website by embedding images from external sources.

Advanced Features

Maintenance Mode

Set maintenance mode on WordPress, including coming soon and maintenance mode templates.

Replace URL

Ensure everything is updated with your new domain using the Replace URL feature.

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS to any section, column, widget or page in Elementor.

Version Control

Roll back to a previous version and restore it in just one click.

Safe Mode

Activate a safe environment and isolate Elementor from the themes and plugins that might cause an error.

Regenerate CSS

Clear your CSS files and generate new files after making changes to your pages.

Image Size

Set the size of your image files to reduce the loading speed of your pages.

Role Manager

Restrict access to the editor altogether, or allow certain users to make changes to the content.

RTL Ready

Access Elementor’s multilingual full support for both LTR and RTL languages.

Request Parameters

Track user information along every step of the sales funnel and personalize the user experience.​​

Custom Attributes

Add custom attributes such as ‘ARIA’, ‘header’ or ’footer’ for each Section, Column or Widget.


Decide which new or soon-to-be-released features are active on your website.

Compatibility Tag

Receive notifications about add-ons that are not compatible with your current version of Elementor.

Custom Code

Seamlessly add custom HTML values like marketing pixels, analytics, and meta tags to the head & body tags.

Site identity

Control your website’s identity, including its Name, Description, and more, from Elementor’s Site Settings.

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