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Compress & Resize for Leaner Websites

Lossless or Lossy Compression

Choose between 2 modes for your ideal balance between compression, quality and file size reduction.

Resize Larger Images

Scale down larger images according to your pre-defined maximum width/height settings or default setting.

Convert to WebP

Convert images to the slimmer WebP format for even greater optimization.

EXIF Metadata

Select whether to clear image metadata to reduce size without impacting image.

Set it and
Forget it!

Trigger optimization automatically whenever a new image is uploaded.

Define your default settings to automatically optimize the image thumbnails created by WordPress.

Optimize images in your library either one at a time, or in a batch according to your preferences.

Auto-backup original images. Delete backups to save space, as an option.

Restore original images (all sizes) for selected images, if and when needed.

A Game-Changer for Performance and SEO

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How do Credits Work With Image Optimizer?

Your plan gives you an annual amount of credits to spend on images you want to compress. 1 image compression usually requires 5 credits on average.

Why 5 or More Credits Per Image?
Each image usually has 5 associated basic WordPress sizes that are also compressed. For example, compressing 4 images will usually require 20 credits to cover all the basic sizes. In some cases 2 or 3 more additional default sizes will be needed, depending on your WordPress image settings.

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